Friday, 9 November 2012


Well this is weird, I don't have anything to say this week. But this is my allocated "blog writing" time and it seems a shame to toss it off? I could listen to Desert Island Discs or watch Jeremy Kyle. Or, Jenny Eclair has just tweeted that the Kardashians are "live" with Lorraine. How fascinatingly dull. Somehow writing nothing, or simply searching for something to say, seems much much more productive.

So, here we are.

How do you write yours and where do you draw your inspiration?

Ummmm....I've just been in the shed to look for a bike lock. I found it but I couldn't find a key to fit. Then I washed down my panniers. Not many people can say they've done that today; or ever.

I saw the brilliant Fascinating Aida at Hull New Theatre this week. OMG, where have I been for the past thirty years? In the shed?

Oh and I drove to Milton Keynes, spent the night in a bedroom on a roundabout and found the perfect dog to buy.

I guess in future I could use this time to walk the dog...or, instead of blogging....



  1. It's the wrong time of year for dogging in your part of the word, so I suggest you continue blogging. The bedroom on a roundabout sounds interesting - like being in a castle surrounded by a moat. I hope you felt safe without a dog.

  2. Thanks so much for your advice Gorilla Bananas. I sometimes wish I lived somewhere warm like the Congo where these little hobbies could be a year-round activity. What do you get up to in your spare time? I really enjoyed reading your blog. My dachshund puppy will arrive in time for Chrsitmas - oh joy!

  3. I've just visited your website, Ruth. The 'Camping and Vaginas' song is a classic, although they mix perfectly well in my neighbourhood. My females could teach you a few things about lady garden maintenance in the jungle.

    Talking to humans is what I do in my spare time. That and chasing baboons.

  4. A lesson on lady garden maintenance from the Congo girlie-crew would be delightful! I must confess though I'm not one for "bejazzling" though I'm willing to try anything once. So pleased you liked 'Camping and Vaginas', I much enjoyed your 'mother's milk' blog and can only agree that you can't judge a dairy by the size of its cows. Happy baboon chasing x